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Manufacturing at KEK

The mission we carry out every single day on behalf of our customers is also reflected in our manufacturing philosophy: Meeting the highest quality demands while offering many degrees of freedom for the manufacture of custom products and delivering lean processes to ensure timely delivery.

In the process, our manufacturing department, which has a total production space in excess of 6,000 m², is divided into five sub-areas:

The component manufacturing department, which is equipped with a wide portfolio of machines and systems for the processing of stainless steel sheet and stainless steel profiles. State-of-the-art lines for cutting, stamping, laser cutting and edging stainless steel components enable us to deliver the highest standards of workmanship. Work preparation, which converts our high product diversity and vertical range of manufacture into optimised machine programs, ensures that our production is both efficient and resource-saving. Our highly diversified fleet of machinery enables us to turn almost any customer request into reality in terms of available product dimensions and design freedom.

The components are then further processed in the welding and grinding area. Our production boasts a perfect combination of experienced welders for high-quality manual welding work with partially automated welding lines for ultimate accuracy and reproducible welding processes. Another important quality feature of our products is the exceptional surface quality. Our experienced employees in the grinding area finish off the surfaces of our products to ensure that nothing is left to be desired in terms of quality – perfect for e.g. luxury yachts.

Once the components have been welded, ground and finished, they are combined in the assembly areas into the complete furniture systems, before they then pass through final quality control and an acceptance inspection. This area is also where installation processes are carried out for electrification, lighting, ventilation, cooling or heating systems if such elements are part of the product. The know how of our specialised employees in the assembly area is the key to our success in customer markets – whether in the catering sector, laboratory and cleanroom technology, factory outfitting or on yachts.

One of the unique selling propositions of our manufacturing is our custom fabrication of work tops for a wide range of different application areas. Thanks to our varied stock of machinery, we are able to manufacture worktops and worktop systems in almost any requested shape and with an incredible variety in terms of sink and bowl combinations to suit any customer preferences. Thanks to the quality of the materials used and our long-standing experience, we can meet all requirements in terms of surface quality and hygiene requirements. The high freedom of design with which we can fabricate worktops perfectly complements our high-quality, custom production of stainless steel furniture and provides our customers with almost unlimited options for attaining perfect solutions.

In addition to the areas in which metal materials are processed, we also have a state-of-the-art production area for the processing of furniture particle board, real wood and plastics. This enables us to manufacture furniture as combined products featuring a mixture of stainless steel and board materials. For our customers, this vertical range of manufacture also has the benefit that an entire required production range can be sourced from a single supplier.

Throughout our entire manufacturing departments, we are privileged to employ exceptionally skilled craftsmen who can translate any customer request into an extraordinary, high-quality product. With carefully targeted investments in our machine fleet and expansions to our production options, we are able to boost degrees of freedom for the manufacture of our products, as well as adding new quality characteristics and improving the effectiveness with which we use resources.

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