The manufacturing of KEK is, as well as the other departments of our company, divided in the business segments LAB.TEC, CLEAN.TEC, KITCHEN.TEC, FACTORY.TEC and YACHT.TEC. In doing so, the different production areas benefit each other from the varied expertise and know how of their employees.

Within our process chain, the customer orders are converted into production orders. These production orders are processed by the department Work Preparation according to manufacturing techniques. The production documents contain all necessary information about the quality and timely production of our products. The production of KEK is characterized by a variety of methods for the processing of stainless steel sheets and profiles, combined with a high level of vertical integration. During this process, the materials are cut, punched, beveled, welded, polished and mounted.

On a production area of 6,000 square meters, the manufacturing islands are arranged in accordance with the material flow. Lean processes and short routes exactly characterize our philosophy such as high quality and adherence to delivery dates. Through targeted investments we constantly modernize our machinery and establish new procedures. With effective machines we increase productivity and our competitiveness. For example, a longitudinal seam welding machine was purchased recently. When using the CIP (continuous improvement process), we use the experience of our staff to improve processes.


We can proudly say that we meet the high demands of our customers due to our many years of experience and because of the diversity of our products we are also among the top names in the manufacturing of selected stainless steel products.

The manufacturing of KEK meets the brand ideals. We work passionately. Our products are timeless. KEK is reliable.